About Us

Who We are

Cord Pharma® is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Sholan, Himachal Pradesh, India. As popular belief says, big things are often seeded in modest beginnings, Cord Pharma is not an exception to it. Founded in 2016, by a team of young and aspiring professionals with a minimal investment, the company has expanded its horizons continuously in various segments. Our presence in diversified segments covers Antibiotics, Gynaec, Paediatric, Orthopaedic, Gastro, CardioDiabetic, Syrup and Injectibles and operational capability of handling over 25+ countries.

What we do

Reiterating health equity as our major goal.

We at Cord Pharma® always believes that health plays the vital role for the developmental well being of an individual. By making continuous progress in marketing quality healthcare products in a cost-effective manner, we help people around the globe to lead healthier lives. Cord Pharma is an integrated establishment leveraging the entire pharmaceutical values with an intention to embrace social care.

Our Pledge

Better Health across the Globe

We pledge for the better health of the people and the communities across the globe by accomplishing excellence in innovations, quality and ethical marketing of pharmaceutical formulations.

We ensure that everyone has affordable access to mostly all kinds of medicines. We at Cord Pharma® endeavour to bring new products to the market and consistently deliver value to the stakeholders.

Manufacturing Facility Under Expert Guidance

Our facilities are GMP and WHO certified. Our range of products are formulated as per the industry defined parameters using premium-grade ingredients with the latest technology in time under the direction of domain experts.

Our Values


Patient centricity



Building trust

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